TMF Academy

  • Are There Printable Materials?

    Yes, there are downloadable and printable worksheets. Everything is set to 1.0 and we will be constantly updating the forms throughout the time of your membership. Some courses will have worksheets while some will not. By agreeing to the terms of service agreement, you are not allowed to share a...
  • Are Your Courses Offered Worldwide?

    Yes, we offer our online courses worldwide, currently, the courses are in English and will soon be offered in other languages. If you have a language request, please put in your request within the blue bubble.
  • Do You Offer Free Trials?

    On some courses, there are free trials to test out the course, but the quality content of the course will be available in the paid version.
  • How Much are Employee Discounts?

    If you buy a bundle, then the pricing for each course per employee is $99 and up depending on the course. We do not offer the Rob Allen courses individually unless you purchase a bundle for the time being, for now, you may buy any other Instructor Course separately.
  • What Courses Can I Get for Free?

    During promotions for free or discounted courses, you can choose from any of the below courses: Stone, Tile, and Grout ( Commercial Carpet Cleaning ( Upholstery C...